About us

We unleash your growth potential

Our Values

People passion

We are passionate about the people who shape outstanding accomplishments.


We commit to deliver quality results with urgency.

One Team

We treat your business as ours.

Our Team

Why pplwise

Transforming businesses by building outstanding teams is our passions since day one. As true in-house recruiters, we are committed to approach growth challenges holistically. We are convinced that every organisation must take actions today to succeed in the war for talents on the long run. Since we can remember, we have felt uncomfortable with how much potential leaders & organisations leave out by doing talent acquisition not right. So we have dedicated ourselves towards driving the talent acquisition era on all fronts, globally.

The founders

Thomas Kohler

Co-Founder & CEO

Mina Golesorkhi

Co-Founder & Managing Partner


2018 Founders met

A trusted & collaborative founder team

From bootstrapped startups to global hypergrowth scale-ups – we have the experience, best practices and tools needed to level up your talent aquisition standards.

2021 Freelancing

The early days started as contractors that collaborated

Mina & Thomas together started freelancing as their collaboration went so well and there was high demand in our service.

2022 pplwise

Committing to build a kick-ass team over individual contribution

At the end you can go way further together as alone. Mina & Thomas committed to found pplwise to transform organsiations in the era of the war for talents.


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