How pplwise facilitated limehome’s expansion across Europe and made 10 hires within 3 months


10 hires
within 3 months
30 days
average time to accept
18 days
to fill most critical role
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Thomas Kohler

The Job to be done

In 2023, limehome aimed to hire 120 individuals. However, a restructuring within their talent team left them short on recruitment capacity. As limehome’s property count grew due to their success, there was an increasing need to bolster their operations department. To meet this need and tap into new international markets while expanding their national operations, limehome engaged pplwise.

The Approach

A dedicated Talent Partner was tasked with filling approximately 8 roles within the Operations department. This partner collaborated closely with hiring managers and the people department to guarantee a seamless candidate experience, secure high-quality talents, and expedite bureaucratic procedures, ensuring quick commencements.

The Result

In a span of 3 months, 10 out of 13 positions were already filled. The median Time to Hire was 30 days. This is 3.8 times faster than the average German company.

Notably, we facilitated limehome’s expansion into the Greek market by securing a pivotal hire in just 18 days, who then started in under 30 days.

About the Client

limehome is a trailblazing hospitality-tech startup reshaping the hotel industry by offering high-quality suites complemented by a fully digitalized guest experience. Their tech-driven operations position them as the top choice for modern travelers. Currently, they have a presence in 10 European countries and consistently introduce new design suites to their collection every week.

What our client says

“For me, working with pplwise's Talent Partner felt no different from collaborating with an internal team member. They were just as integrated and dedicated as any limehomie.”

Christin Walda
Head of Talent, Limehome