How Taxfix increased the quality of hire by +35% while hiring +250 people


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Thomas Kohler

The Job to be done

pplwise temporarily stepped in owning and leading the overall Talent Acquistion function to get Taxfix ready for their internationalisation plans. Our mission included developing a high-performing, global Talent Acquisition infrastructure and processes to hire +350 talents within a year across four markets.

The Approach

pplwise has established standardised processes, based on blue-prints and the overall company strategy which lead to a significant improvement of the experience for both candidates and hiring managers throughout the following steps:

The Result

While hiring +350 people within a year Taxfix increased the quality of hire by +35% after implementing a new hiring philosophy, and upskilling and restructuring the Talent Acquisition team. Moreover, Taxfix increased the candidate NPS by +31% from 6 to 66 within 6 months after implementing the new approaches.

Taxfix had build a sustainable Talent Acquisition infrastructure and team, while delivering on targets.

What our client says

“Overall, working with pplwise has helped us achieve our growth goals and streamline recruitment processes for high-quality hires.

I highly recommend partnering with pplwise for exceptional recruiting support and operational excellence.

Thanks to pplwise's strategic support and frameworks, Taxfix improved its hiring quality by 35% and achieved successful recruitment of 250 new hires. The candidate NPS also grew from 6 to 66 within just six months.”

Eva Glanzer
Chief People Officer, Taxfix