How Clark hired 36 sales people in Germany at a cost per hire of EUR 2.610 within 5 months


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Thomas Kohler

The Job to be done

Clark had to hit their sales targets and immediately needed to close a gap of +30 sales team members.

The Approach

  1. Created a scientific forecast for their hiring goals based on their target funnel
  2. Crafted reach-out messages and iterated them to a 35%+ response rate
  3. Interviewed every sales leader on the team about the persona
  4. Talked to 3 top, 3 medium and 3 low performers to sharpen the persona
  5. Empowered the sales team to do referrals and hired 8% of headcount with it
  6. Interviewed 419 Sales reps and sent 1700 reach outs (40% response rate)

The Result

The goal was to hire for 32 sales openings within 5 months and Clark filled 36 out of 32 roles with pplwise.

  1. In total, 1.690 candidates have been sourced, and 419 interviews have been conducted through pplwise, leading to 36 hires within 5 months.
  2. The Median Time to Hire was 22 days.
  3. Clark hired at a cost per hire below EUR 2.700,- and saved EUR 311.026,- in Headhunting fees.
  4. In 2023 Clark hired 23 out of the targeted 22 hires and in 2024 13 out of 10 targeted hires with pplwise.
  5. On average, Clark made 1.56 hires per week (including onboarding and holidays) with pplwise.

About Clark

Clark is a German fintech unicorn and one of the largest global InsurTechs. Clark built an insurance expert that fits in your pockets by offering a mobile app where customers can manage their insurance needs most conveniently. International investors like Allianz X, Portage, White Star Capital, Yabeo, and Tencent backed Clark and their team is composed of more than 800 employees across offices in Frankfurt (HQ), Berlin, Saarbrücken, Bristol, Manchester, Amsterdam, Paris, Zurich and Geneva.

What our client says

“pplwise enabled me to hit my staffing goals as a Sales leader. Their in-depth understanding of the sales talent market combined with their data-driven approach and action for bias helped us to hire 36 sellers within 5 months. I would highly recommend pplwise to anyone who needs to hire top sales talent while getting a benchmark for the candidate market.”

Monika Ritzer
Chief Sales Officer, Clark

“pplwise was instrumental in overhauling our inefficient sales recruiting process during a critical phase, where we faced a significant challenge with no sales consultants hired and 35 positions needing to be filled, immediately. Through a data-driven approach, Thomas and his team revamped the process, integrating seamlessly with our existing team and earning the trust of senior leaders and hiring managers, which led to successfully filling all 36 positions cost-effectively. Their expertise in rebuilding broken processes, training team members, and supporting during peak hiring times makes pplwise a highly recommendable recruiting service.”

Moritz Gudermann
VP People, Clark