How JustEatTakeaway hired more than 50 German speaking sellers within a quarter


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Thomas Kohler

The Job to be done

JustEatTakeaway had to hire +50 German speaking sellers at different seniority levels across North, West and South Germany within 3 months and did not have the internal resources to deliver on the need and too little market insights to fully understand the constraints.

The Approach

pplwise sourced more than 3.000 candidates within a month, provided valuable market insights to be able to make strategic decisions on our hiring strategy, as well as delivered candidates at a high quantity and high quality to reach the ambitious hiring targets to deliver on target.

The Result

JustEatTakeaway ultimately hired several candidates from pplwise and adjusted their strategy to fill all positions on target.

What our client says

“We were very happy to collaborate with pplwise during our recent german speaking sales hiring high volume hiring project.

We received outstanding recruiting support from pplwise that allowed us to recruit a large number of candidates across Germany. The quantity and the quality of candidates we received allowed us to reach our hiring targets on time.

pplwise also provided us with relevant strategic insights of the market, benchmarking and talent insights for several geographic regions. This allowed us to adjust our hiring strategy and be more effective in volume hiring.

I am looking forward to collaborating with pplwise again and can recommend them to any growing organisation.”

Daria Gaiduk
TA DACH, Just Eat Takeaway.com