How CarOnSale recruited 6 critical positions within three Months


6 hires
in 3 months
36 days
median time to hire
interviews made
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Thomas Kohler

The Job to be done

CarOnSale expanded after their 60 Million Series B funding without an internal hiring team to reach their recruitment targets—so specialized temporary recruiting support to fill 6 critical positions where needed.

The Approach

Our Talent Partners onboarded themselves on the company’s strategy, understood the departmental objectives, and kicked off the roles with all hiring managers across Account Management, HR, Salesforce Development, and Finance. Within one week the challenge was defined, expectations were communicated and we started delivering.

The Result

In total 1,053 candidates have been sourced, and 87 interviews have been conducted through pplwise leading to 8 offers and 6 hires within three months. The median Time to Hire was 36 days and CarOnSale saved 88% of traditional headhunting costs.

What our client says

"Working with pplwise was great. They managed everything smoothly, found us the right people, and met our expectations. I'd definitely work with them again and recommend them to others.”
Mark Lundgren
Sr. Talent Acquisition Manager