How Dotbite founders managed to save +100 hours and filled their most critical roles


38 Days
To Hire in average
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Thomas Kohler

The Job to be done

Dotbite went through an intense period of organic growth and grew its headcount from 12 to +25 people without an inhouse recruitment function within a year. Our mission was to support in sourcing and hiring the team to decrease the costs of delays caused by not having the team in place. Our vacancies included Senior Developers skilled in PHP, Sales Manager and an User Engagement Manager.

The Approach

To ensure a high velocity in hiring and the overall success, despite limiting factors such as German language skills, and a strict on-site policy, we identified first the value proposition and selling points for candidates.

With these in place, we approach candidates using different channels such as LinkedIn, GitHub but also local data-bases such as Karriere.at to identify local candidates.

The Result

pplwise hired 4 candidates throughout the collaboration (and many more to follow!) which perfectly fit Dotbite’s company stage, and culture.

About the Client

Dotbite is a group of enthusiastic software engineers, imaginative designers, digital experts, innovative thinkers, and motivational product owners dedicated to navigating the digital realm. We excel in delivering scalable solutions tailored for substantial data volumes, swift infrastructure, and user experiences designed with a human touch.

What our client says

“Sourcing and Recruiting through pplwise allowed me to save valuable time on building candidate pipelines & find the right approach to nail recruitment by myself.

I could focus on building and running our core business while knowing the main tasks with high workload was covered by pplwise maintaining a great candidate experience and focussing on high quality candidates.

Me and my team regularly received a number of pre-qualified candidates that lead to great hires. I would recommend any founder working with pplwise who is facing bottlenecks in recruitment.”

Emir Selimovic
CEO & Co-Founder, Dotbite