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How TIER SE hired more than 20 leadership positions


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Thomas Kohler

The Job to be done

TIER went through a series C and D funding and grew its headcount from 950 to +2.000 across +22 countries within a year. To accomplish the organizational objectives pplwise was hired to build up a state of the art people & TA function with high excellence and hired +20 executives.

The Approach

After understanding the strategic challenges we did a market analysis on several levels for each position to calibrate the profile and proposed a fitting org-structure. Our highly personalized outreach approach and following the A-Method in evaluating candidates, we identified and attracted executives who aligned with the companies vision, culture and company stage.

The Result

TIER hired more than 20 leadership positions through the partnership with pplwise at Head, Director, Sr. Director, VP and C-level positions across Berlin, Paris and London.

What our client says

“Working with pplwise has allowed us to grow quickly with the right quality of candidates that we wanted to hire. We also could benefit from their strategic input to make our recruitment more effective and efficient while hitting our growth goals.

I would recommend working with pplwise for any company facing recruiting bottlenecks and striving for operational excellence and hiring high qualitative candidates.”

Romy von Roeder
SVP People, TIER