How hood saved 55% of headhunting costs filling four roles


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Thomas Kohler

The Job to be done

Hood does not have an internal dedicated recruitment team so they decided to work with pplwise as a partner to manage their hiring process and need for the most critical roles.

The Approach

We started by prioritizing roles and kicking off the most critical roles first and building a pipeline with urgency. On average 14 qualified screening calls, 5 hiring manager interviews and 3 final interviews have been generated per role to make 1 hire.

The Result

So 1 hire has been made within each month on average using the RaaS Essential package.

About the Client

Hood.de has matured into one of the largest German-speaking online marketplaces, boasting 12 million customers. Hood.de empowers both private and commercial users to efficiently sell goods of all kinds online, either through their dedicated Hood-Shop or via online auctions.

What our client says

“We are very satisfied with pplwise and extremely pleased to have found them as a support for our recruiting needs. I would definitely recommend them.

For us, pplwise did more than just fill a gap in our HR team and recruiting processes. Thanks to collaboration and their commitment, our communication with applicants and our image as an employer brand has significantly improved.”

Johannes Janßen
Managing Director & COO, Hood Media GmbH