How ecosio transformed their people organisation to grow from 80 to 160 people


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Thomas Kohler

The Job to be done

Whilst leading the People & Culture function with our Interim Solution, our mission included replacing us with a qualified Head of People & Culture, which is capable of enabling ecosio’s growth plans.

The Approach

People & Culture functions have, based on the company’s strategies, culture and stakeholders, different needs. So, our first step was to internally align on the position’s vision and mission, and the capabilities that are required to succeed in this role.

Once this was defined, we approached candidates with the exact track-record required to maximise the chances to find the capabilities we were looking for.

The Result

Within only 2 weeks, we were able to find the right candidate for this role, and closed this position 41 days after our kick-off.

About the Client

ecosio’s vision is to maximize supply chain efficiency across the globe. The next step is to scale and internationalize. At start of the collaboration, our mission was to support ecosio in their internationalization plan’s by doubling the headcount from 80 to 160 talents, spread across Europe.

What our client says

“The most expensive part when hiring a backfill is the delay in progress in the time of vacancy.

pplwise’s Interim solution has helped us to fill in the gap, level up the People & Culture and Talent Acquisition department, and progress on critical projects while taking the time to find the right candidate to permanently take on the position.”

Christoph Ebm
CEO, ecosio

“pplwise has been a trustful partner when hiring our executive positions like Head of Talent Acquisition, Head of People & Culture, and Interim Head of Sales.

The Talent Acquisition Partners have a great understanding of what exact profiles we needed, and how we had to design our set up to attract the talents we seeked for. Their headhunting services have helped us to fill in executive roles within 2-3 months.“

Irina Stogova
Head of Talent Acquisition, ecosio