Career Design Strategies for a Forward Thinking Talent Acquisition function

About the event

There’s more to your career than only leadership roles!

Explore career design beyond ‘Senior Recruiter,’ understand skill development, role innovation, skill acquisition, and growth beyond conventional paths.

What’s in it for you?

  • Career Path Innovation: Learn to creatively design your career in TA, see beyond the “typical” roles
  • Role Diversification Insights: Explore a variety of roles in TA, including non-leadership roles
  • Skill Development for Progression: Understand essential skills for career advancement
  • Next-Gen Skills for TA in 2024
  • Securing Sponsorship: Learn strategies to seek and secure sponsorship both within your organization and in the broader industry.
  • Leadership Guidance: Tips for leaders to foster career diversity in their teams.
  • Bonus: pplwise career Framework for strategic talent partner

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