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How pplwise recruited an experienced German-speaking B2B SaaS sales executive for Meister


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Thomas Kohler

The Job to be done

Meister had to ramp up their sales team after a successful $52 Million Series B funding to hit growth and revenue targets and had to fill the sales leadership team with B2B SaaS experience and German-speaking as key requirements.

The Approach

We analyzed the existing pipeline, and approach and benchmarked the approach against our industry expertise re-calibrated the profile, and started a highly focused search.

The Result

After screening the entire German-speaking B2B SaaS Leader market at a similar company stage and sales setup, we identified ~50 candidates and organized 16 interviews that led to 1 hire that passed probation and ramped up the sales team. Additionally, we provided a German-speaking Sales leadership salary benchmarking to offer a competitive and reasonable package in closing and incentivizing the candidate short- and long-term.

About the Client

Founded in 2006, Meister rapidly grew from a startup to a key player in SaaS productivity tools with products like MindMeister, MeisterTask, and MeisterNote. Over the past 15 years, their suite has become indispensable for teams globally, thanks to the dedication of their expanding team and the engagement of over 33 million users. Today, as a product-led company, Meister is poised to become the European Leader in Workplace Collaboration, driven by a clear vision for the future and a growing team of specialists.

What our client says

“The pplwise executive recruitment team is doing a great job by connecting the candidate very well with the company.

Their strengths lie in being fast, supportive and available whenever needed, ultimately leading to a successful hire.”

Katharina Brandl
Talent Partner, Meisterlabs