A dedicated in-house team to meet your recruitment goals

Your benefits by our experience

Industry Experience

Tactical guidance

Talent pool

In-house Mindset

Regular reporting

Cutting edge technology

Inclusive Search

We built diverse pipelines for your open positions

It is more important than ever to invest in Diversity & Inclusion . It all starts with a diverse talent pipeline.

We guarantee 2⁄3 diversity while filling your positions.

Executive Search

Hiring the wrong executives is expensive. Benefit from our expterise

Benefit from our market mapping methodologies & calibrative approach in a search to fill your most critical positions. We also map the right profile for you as it is not as easy as it might feel.


A holistic approach to fill niche positions. For a lower volume

To fill niche positions on a a lower volume we provide classical headhunting. Benefit from our expertise and additional resources to fill your most urgent positions when you need them.

Low volume

Quick market feedback

For every assignment that is less than 5 positions to fill we can do a search deal and fill your most urgent & critical roles.

Talent Pool

We use a modern technologies and have many relevant insights to fill your positions with our specialized team of recruiters & sourcers.

Industry knowledge

With us you find a trusted partner to fill your most critical & urgents positions along your companies lifetime trough any challenging period.

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